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To shop at midishop web pages and download files from the archive it is necessary to be registered, logged in and to have enough credit.

You can register in the "Registration" section where you need to fill in at least all the required fields. It is necessary to fill in the bank account details fields if you not only shop, but also sell at midishop web pages (for more information see the "For author" section). Login details are very important, i.e. your email address where a registration email will be sent containing a link to activate your account and your password needed to log in. All details entered in the process of registration, excluding the email address, can be modified after logging in in the "Setting" section.

You can log into your user account by entering your login details (email and password) in the "Log In" section (when logging in for the first time it is necessary to click on the link in the registration email sent to your email address).

After logging in you can find the account numbers to which we can transfer money and your variable symbol which is needed with all your money transfers so that we can identify you as the payer in the "Credit history" section. After receiving payment with your variable symbol on one of our accounts, the credit will be credited to your account within 24 hours. Payout request is for uses who sell on the server.

After that you can freely download files from the archive. After purchasing a file, the price for the file will be deducted from your credit. The complete history of your credit/debit operations is stored in the "Credit history" section. Purchased files are stored in the "Download" section, where you can repeatedly download them for free. The song can be downloaded by left-clicking on it and selecting the option to save the file or selecting the option to open the file and after opening you can save the playing file as a .mid (.mp3). Each song is listed with the date of its purchase in the following form: year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

All prices on midishop web pages are in Euros. Incoming payments in other currencies will be converted into Euro according to the exchange rate of National Bank of Slovakia for the day when the payment is credited to our account.


In the "Music" section you can browse the archive, search for individual files by certain criteria and listen to a short demo version of files. After clicking the "Music" tab a search menu comes up together with a list of 50 most recently added files.

There are two ways how to perform a search:
  1. using the alphabetical filter, where you can select searching by artist or song name. The archive is divided into several sections (modern music, Slovak folk, Czech folk, Polish folk, Hungarian folk and Romany music). When using this method of searching, you can select the suction of the archive you wish to browse by selecting one of the following options: display - all music, modern music, Slovak folk, Czech folk, ...
  2. using the "Search" function, where you enter a description by which files whose name contains the description will be found in the archive.

These two search methods are independent and cannot be combined.

You can play the demo version of a file by clicking its name.

Registered users will be sent info emails on news in the archive on their email address.

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